About Us

What do we do?

Axona Ltd is based in St. Albans, north of London, UK, and supplies data acquisition hardware and software for behavioural neuroscientists, especially in the domain of electrophysiological recording, experimental control and data analysis.

We specialise in “turnkey” systems that are intended to be easy to use even without extensive electronics knowedge. Our dacqUSB data acquisition system includes video tracking, stimulatio, and multi-channel spike and EEG acquisition of up to 128 channels with only a PC and our small desktop recording units.

Axona maintains close links with the academic community and in recognition that no two experimental requirements are the same, we specialise in designing tailor-made hardware and software solutions to unique experimental problems. Since it is important to us that we only supply equipment that is right for your work, we offer a high level of customer support, particularly to new users.

Are we right for you?

Our recording systems, associated accessories, and analysis software are primarily intended for single-unit and local field potential recording from implanted electrodes, especially tetrodes and stereotrodes.  The systems incorporate video tracking and input and output channels for monitoring behaviour (e.g., lever-pressing) and controlling apparatus.  Stimulation synchronous with ongoing recording is also supported.  Thus, our main focus is on behavioural electrophysiological recording.

Our video tracking system can be used independently of the electrophysiological recording components, but offers limited analytical measures. 

If you would like to find out if our equipment is appropriate for your particular experimental work, please contact us with your requirements.