Digital Data Acquisition Systems

Axona's core product is its multichannel data acquisition system (dacq), designed for recording single neurons from multiple indwelling electrodes in awake, behaving animals. It has an inbuilt digital oscilloscope which reduces the size and cost of the system.

Dacq systems interface with a number of inbuilt behavioural data collection systems:

   -Position tracker allows tracking of LEDs on the animals, in two or three dimensions.

   -Digital I/O system allows event-logging and apparatus control (eg., food pellet delivery, or monitoring of lever presses)

   -Stimulator allows control of a stimulus isolator (ie., for LTP or similar kinds of experiments)

Our data acquisition systems come complete with a versatile control program which combines features for pre-recording screening of brain signals (including a ten-channel digital oscilloscope display). This role of this software is primarily to configure the recording and apparatus control systems, collect electrophysiological and/or behavioural data and store it on disk for off-line analysis.


 80px-PDF DacqUSB Brochure

 80px-PDF I/O Pin-out